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Choosing The Best Powered Toothbrush | Sonic vs Electric The Best Powered Toothbrush | Sonic vs Electric

Advantages of Powered Toothbrushes

With the obvious benefits just by their vibratory capabilities alone, it does give them the edge over regular toothbrushes. When a toothbrush has such power in executing its function, it means lesser susceptibility to oral diseases such as dental caries, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. It also is more efficient in the sense that it does not spare the hard-to-reach areas and really offers the oral cavity an almost 100% clean environment.

Proper Toothbrushing Technique – The Key to Success

However, these benefits will not give you favorable results if you do not abide by proper brushing techniques. No amount of brushing frequency can compensate for a properly executed brushing (see video above). Laser tooth whitening is a cost effective solution but choosing a brush head that fits you and has soft to medium bristles can make a world of difference. The quality will differ per brand, so you might want to compare. What’s medium for one brand might already be hard to take for your teeth surfaces, so you must check the bristles carefully.

Keep in mind that you’re already using a powered device. Therefore, there is no point in applying a substantial amount of pressure that you usually do with a regular toothbrush. Gentle motions are recommended to prevent causing irritation to the gums and so as not to cause damage to the tooth enamel, as abrasive forces can. And as you brush, angle it to 45 degrees and brush in a sweeping motion from the gum line down towards the biting surfaces of the teeth.

Keeping your pearly whites requires good oral habits. You may start by upgrading from regular to powered toothbrush so you may see and feel the difference. Pair it with good daily brushing techniques and it shall keep your teeth feeling squeaky-clean and plaque-free. Proper brushing habits can also help reduce the need for porcelain veneers or a trip to Thailand for a dental makeover.

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