Orthognathic Maxillofacial Surgery & Corrective Jaw Surgery


Orthognathic Maxillofacial surgery is a complex procedure that employs the principles of medicine, surgery, and dentistry, particularly orthodontics, to correct facial deformities that have gone beyond soft tissues. The target is not only superficial or dental as it also involves the underlying musculoskeletal structures. The goal is to correct facial appearance and function of the involved parts.

Orthognathic Maxillofacial Surgery (Video)

Ideal Candidates for Having Jaw Surgery in Thailand

The first that comes to mind as to who needs this type of surgery are Thai or international patients with existing congenital deformities (cleft lip and palate cases) that have been brought about by heredity or environmental causes while they were being conceived, or facial trauma occurring during a child’s growth and development stage.

However, the scope of maxillofacial surgery does not end there. Any patient suffering from the following symptoms may be ideal candidates:

  • Men and Women with Speech difficulties
  • Chronic temporomandibular (TMJ) joint pain and clicking
  • Incorrect bite
  • Difficulty in chewing and swallowing
  • Jaw protrusion
  • Breathing difficulties

The Primary Goals of our Treatment

Restoring function is the primary goal at the Dental Center of Thailand. Our skilled dental surgeons seek to establish the correct relationship of the jaws, joints, teeth, and other tissues involved. In extensive cases wherein there is involvement of other facial parts such as the eyes or ears, or other functions are affected (such as breathing), that must also be addressed.


Esthetics and dental/oral/ smile makeover is a close second to restoring function. We realize that the idea is to restore a patient’s facial features in cases of extensive superficial involvement, and improve overall appearance and the healing of previous psychological repercussions due to the lack of function and visual effects of the jawline.

In most orthodontic cases that don’t seem to be treated with the principles of mini-dental implants and orthodontics alone (answering only the dental aspect and not going beyond to looks), We feel its much better to focus on both needs with one surgery. This has certainly proven very beneficial for our patients in the past, as the results are permanent  and provides the patient with a single one time done solution so they can move on with their lives and never have to think about this again.


Evaluation and Diagnosis for Jaw Correction Surgery

Jaw corrective surgery required 2-4 week dental vacation to Thailand. Our dentists will need to understand the patients exact dental needs before a complete treatment plan can provided. The virtual consultation can be done online or offline with a simple dental form and copies of X Rays from the patients home. Once the patient arrives to Bangkok for the face to face consultation, they will have to undergo a series of examinations to finalize the surgical teams plans. After the initial prognosis you will know exactly what the treatments will cost in Thailand along with how many days you need to be here before you are discharged to return home. Should you wish to proceed after the prognosis, a radiographic analysis of your facial skeletal structure shall be carried out, and dental impressions will be made.


The Maxillofacial Surgery Phase

Please note that oral surgery is a complicated treatment process that occurs in several spaced stages. The dental phase comes in first, with our dentists in Bangkok exacting a comprehensive treatment for any preventive or restorative reasons. Our orthodontists comes into play for alignment of the dentition as it relates to the underlying jaws. The treatment with your Thai orthodontist is usually the longest, as alignment takes place over the course of several months depending upon your response and compliance with medical records needs. Whatever our orthodontist can’t achieve through orthodontic correction surgery will then be answered by our dental surgical intervention team in Bangkok. Any remaining occlusal abnormalities that require surgical repositioning or Zygomatic dental Implants, fixation, or reduction, will be performed by Licensed and Certified Thai Maxillofacial Surgeons.  Our dentists in Phuket or Bangkok can also combine multiple procedures simultaneously to maximize your dental vacation to Thailand. Treatments such as correction chin and nose augmentations are popular add-on services that are requested by patients coming to Thailand for health and dental care.

The surgery itself could take about three to four hours, but mainly depends upon the extent of facial involvement or complexity of the patients needs.

The Recovery Phase

You will be required to stay at one of our Accredited Dental hospitals anywhere between two to four days. The total time will really depend on how well your healing. We advise patients rest for a week or two after surgery even up to a month for quite severe cases, provided that you return periodically to our clinic or surgeon for proper monitoring and post-operative evaluation and aftercare. We also recommend that you visit your local orthodontist on a regular basis six to 12 months after surgery to check on the results and to maintain your teeth in their proper position and alignment.

Before and After Jaw Surgery (Pictures)



The Dental Surgery Team

As complex as the procedure already is, our surgical team may be composed of several experts skilled in different areas of medicine and dentistry. Our Thai Dental Board consists of the best oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Thailand. To learn more about Orthognathic Maxillofacial Surgery and Corrective Jaw Surgery please contact us today.

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  1. 2018/01/01
    Hi. I am having a protruding lower jaw and I have a couple of problems mentioned above in the summary. My main question is, Is it possible to do the surgery before wearing the braces and if it is possible how much would it cost just for the surgery. I am looking forward for your reply. Reply
  2. 2017/06/09
    How cN i now the cost of the jaw surgry in thailand ?? Reply
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    Hello,I have slight underbite and I want to correct it.i live in USA ,and I know I need to wear brace for a year before I can have surgery.can you work with my Orthodontic over here? I don't have time to fly to Thailand for consultation,can I just send the copy of my x.ray to you? Reply
  4. 2016/01/14
    I have quiet serious over bite problem, I need to have jaw surgery to corrective my over bite jaw problem. So may I know how much cost about this type of surgery ? Reply
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    Hi , I need maxilary impaction for uper jowS, can I know how much it cost please Reply
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    Wat cost jaw surgery ?? Reply
  7. 2015/09/21
    Dear sir/madam I have some enquiry about the maxillofacial orthgnathic treatment . I am from Myanmar and I will come and visit to Bangkok in next month . How much it can cost for the whole treatment ? Do you do the installments or pay as you treatment options ? How long do I need to stay in the hospital ? How many times I need to come and see the doctor ? Actualtly , I already did the invisalign treatment but it is not the best option for me because my back teeth needs to be straighten and the invisaligh did not work for it . I know that I need the orthodontic treatment as well . I am wondering that I can do the surgery straight away and wear the braces after the surgery . If you want to see my photos of the teeth , I can send you them . I hope you can give me infomation about the jaw surgery . Thank you very much in advance . Reply

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