Full Mouth Reconstruction & Restorative Dental Surgery


Total Mouth Reconstruction Surgery in Thailand

A comprehensive dental makeover is generally known as a full mouth reconstruction. The total restoration occurs when a person has several dental issues affecting both the upper and lower arches and their surrounding areas such as gums. Such a surgery becomes necessary due to several reasons such as:

  • Extensive decay
  • Mouth injuries
  • Lost and missing teeth
  • Worn, chipped or cracked teeth
  • A bite discrepancy
  • Poor overall dental health
  • Deterioration of appearance
  • Dental Bridges or dental implants that continually crack or break
  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome)

At the dental center of Thailand our two main objectives of total mouth reconstruction surgery is to allow you complete restoration of the overall function along with the aesthetics of a healthy smile.

Results Through Teamwork

Comprehensive dental makeovers require a team of skilled dentists to work together in a very coordinated fashion. The requirements generally depend on the particular patient’s’ needs But usually, a full mouth reconstruction requires the assistance of several dental professionals in Bangkok or Phuket in order to properly restore function and aesthetics in a short dental holiday. For most cases, our dental team will consist of general and cosmetic dentists along with orthodontists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists and anesthesiologists.

4 Factors for a Successful Restoration

Total restoration and/or rehabilitation is an extensive and comprehensive surgery that may not be appropriate for every patient. To better know if you qualify for having the dental surgeries in Thailand our dentists will have to conduct a thorough virtual examination using your dental records and imaging results such as a dental x-ray or CT Scan. This pre-qualification is necessary to determine if you are indeed a viable candidate. The four main factors that help our doctors determine eligibility include:

  1. Current Condition of your Teeth – For obvious reasons, your teeth will be the focal point of your smile makeover treatment – whether it’s a restorative procedure for simple cavities,excessive wear and tear, endodontic therapy, or prosthetic crowns as these those that cannot be treated in one single restoration surgery.
  2. The health of the surrounding soft tissues – The surrounding tissues includes your gums and periodontal ligaments that help support your teeth. Periodontal disease and/or gum disease can contribute to structural failure if they are overlooked. Therefore, our oral surgeons will need to examine for any signs of deep pockets, gum bleeding, or other signs of poor gum health. Gum grafting or bone grafting may require attention before offering reconstructive surgery.
  3. Joint and bite strength – Another part of our review process is the detailed analysis of the condition of your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ joint is the hinge that facilitates movement of the lower jaw as you chew, talk, laugh, or yawn. Any clicking sounds, pain, or discomfort must be addressed to ensure there is no compromise in overall function. TMJ issues can eventually affect the bite or occlusion of the upper and lower teeth. Any imbalance in the TMJ can render weaken your ability to bite. TMJ issues might require orthodontic or surgical intervention before a restoration can be provided.
  4. Overall Aesthetics – Aesthetics is an important factor in determining what is needed. The physical appearance of your teeth and gums are usually the genesis for people wanting dental reconstructive surgery.  How our teeth and smile look greatly contributes to our overall sense of happiness. If the color, size, and shape of our teeth are disproportionate with the rest of the face, it would definitely affect your overall facial profile. The goal for restorative surgery is to bring balance back to your face by treating the underlying dental issues described above.

Virtual Consultation & Prices

A proper analysis is crucial in making an assessment, especially if you live outside of Thailand. We typically recommend having Model casts, radiographs, and photographs taken by a local dentist before you contact us. These three main tools are essential for us in making an accurate diagnosis before you arrive to Thailand and carrying out a well-tailored treatment plan specific to your needs after you arrive. Once your dental documents and records are evaluated, we can better know the total and fixed cost of the restoration along with other details such as length of stay required.

Before and After Pictures



What To Expect After Having Reconstructive Dental Surgery

The total length of stay required will depend on the amount of work that is being performed. Generally most patients need between 10-14 nights in Thailand to complete the total restoration. Once your teeth have been completely restored via our total mouth reconstruction, you can expect a short adjustment period of 2-4 weeks after surgery to get used to your new more smile and healthy mouth. Full recovery takes from 1-3 months. Once you return home after treatment we will continue to monitor your progress to ensure the best possible results.

Having Total Dental reconstructive surgery in Thailand is a fantastic option for some. Our team of Thai dentists are amongst the best oral surgeons in Bangkok or Phuket. Our entire staff is both knowledgeable and proficient in helping you get high quality dental care & for having a productive and exciting dental holiday to Thailand. To schedule a complimentary online consultation about the treatment solutions we offer please contact us today.

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