Autogenous Bone Grafting to Reverse Bone Loss

Autogenous Bone Grafting to Reverse Bone Loss

Bone Grafting Surgery in Thailand

Bone grafting surgery offers a type of bone augmentation to repair fractures or reverse natural bone loss of volume due to age,  allows us to compensate for the loss that could have been brought about by trauma or injury, massive infection, physiological degeneration, or severe periodontal disease.

Block Autografting Using Localized Ridge Augmentation – VIDEO

This stabilizing stage of bone grafting is highly necessary prior to the installation of mini-dental implants, most especially if the underlying bony structure is moderately to severely compromised. If there’s not enough bone to support the all-on-4bridges,onlays and veneers. Lack of bone support can eventually lead to failure and/or Orthognathic Maxillofacial Surgery.


The Importance of the Dental Radiographs

Bone volume cannot not be determined by visual inspections alone. It is for this reason that x-rays are required prior to any dental procedure we offer. There are instances wherein the radiograph would reveal a seemingly ample bony support but proves to be otherwise once the implants surgery has begun. Therefore, to cover all angles and our Thai Board certified dentists to conduct a thorough virtual examination. This can be done via your existing dental records and/or a series of x-rays or radiographs from your primary dental provider in your home.


Bone Grafting Options in Bangkok & Phuket

The dental center of Thailand offers 2 main types of bone grafts:

  • Autogenous Bone Grafting is when the donor and recipient are the same ( See Video Above )
  • Allografts are Bone that has been harvested through synthetic means
  • Xenografting: We DO NOT offer Xenografting as an option

Among these three types of bone grafting, Autogenous is the most commonly preferred method of grafting gum and bone by our dental surgeons in Bangkok and our patients because results are mostly always positive. This is primarily due to the fact that the bone harvested from the patient’s own body have the natural capability to enhance osseous growth because of their “live” elements that it contains. The bone is basically still “alive”. Allografting on the other side is synthetic and does not possess this ability.


Usually, dental bone grafts are harvested from the chin region or the posterior-most portion of the lower jaw where bone is denser. The harvested pieces will eventually comprise the supporting graft that shall act as a major support mechanism for the dental implants that will be installed in the future.

Bone grafting is not a quick pre-requisite for implants and require proper planning along with possibly 2 separate trips to Thailand. The grafting surgery requires complete fusion with the osseous area in question. Travelling to Thailand for a short dental vacation may not be an option. Given this wait period requirement, be recommend having grafting surgery atleast 8 and 12 months before a sinus lift or the  zygomatic implants can be installed. This healing period is to ensure a stable fusion of bone and a stronger platform of support for the new dental implants to adhere to.

Get the Smile You Deserve

If you’re contemplating restoring your smile and/or fixing your teeth with bone grafts before dental implants please contact us today. One of our dental specialists will be able to better assist you with any specific questions you may have.

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