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When you talk and interact with other people, the very first thing that they notice is your teeth. Once you smile, people can fully see the appearance of your teeth. For a lot of people, a bright smile is highly essential. Of course, you wouldn’t want to have a complete set of bright white teeth?

Unfortunately, we all face different problems with our teeth. Some have to deal with teeth discoloration while others encounter major problems like tooth decay, tooth loss, etc. Often time the cost to fix your teeth is just too expensive. This is often why many men and women take a dental vacation to the Kingdom of Thailand. Thai Dental center understands your needs. We are here to help you with all your dental needs for a price you can afford.

Thai Hospital For Dental Implants & Cosmetic Dentistry


Don’t mistake low prices with low quality however. Our skilled dentists in Bangkok are all internationally trained and speak fluent English. If you are interested in fixing your teeth during your next trip to BKK then it’s important to find the best dentist hospital in town who can provide you with the kind of service that you need and the type of high quality dental work that you deserve.

Prompt & Attentive Care

The most effective way for you to find the best dentist in Bangkok is by asking any of your friends, co-workers or your relatives who might have come to Thailand for a holiday and dental work. You may be surprised to learn about how many people actually come to Bangkok for Dental treatments. Especially if you live in Australia, Singapore or the United Kingdom. Personal references are great because you know your friends will be honest and only recommend a dentist who provided them quality dental services in. With a personal recommendation, you are assured that you are in good hands. You can be assured that the dentist being recommended to you can also provide the same quality for your dental needs.

Online Reviews for our Dentists in Thailand

If personal recommendation are not possible, you can always use the Internet to search for some of the best dental clinics. In Bangkok, there are several international dental facilities offering a wide variety of services. Almost all of these dental clinics in Bangkok  have their own websites (Thai and English) where they market their dental packages and dental services. The only problem with online reviews is that sometime they may not be accurate or reliable. An Online search for reviews and ratings is a good start, but should be used in conjunction with your own research to help find the perfect dentist. A dental clinic in Bangkok that has high ratings can usually deliver quality results, however do keep in mind that the prices they state online may not be current and often change when you arrive for consultation.


Fixed Price Guarantee

Although some dental implant prices may seem great in advertisements, they are often not accurate. We offer unbiased and honest pricing from the best dentists in Bangkok that do will not change once you arrive. Our service and pre-negotiated rates allow you to get actual prices much lower than most dentists in Thailand. We have worked with the best dentists in Bangkok and  strongly advise our customers to get qualified for any major dental problems BEFORE they arrive to Thailand. ( Continued )

We provide real testimonials from Real patients,fixed prices and optional hotel and transportation packages for a variety of dental treatments such as:


NEW Packages at Bangkok Dental Hospital

With recent developments in dental technology, we now several dental vacation friendly services to address any dental problems or cosmetic dental needs you may have.  For major dental problems like tooth decay or tooth loss, there are several options available depending on the current condition of your teeth /oral health. To get a complimentary treatment plan with fixed prices, our dentists need to understand your needs via a short dental history form and basic pictures and/or dental X-rays.


Schedule an Appointment Now

If you are planning on coming to Thailand for holiday or to have dental or medical treatments we advise you to plan in advance. Our simple online pre-approval process is 100% complimentary and is strongly recommended before you arrive to ensure that you will get the absolute best fixed prices available anywhere in the country. Once your request is reviewed, we can schedule a face to face consultation, where we can specifically point out the problem areas that will need to be addressed. You will also be presented with an affordable dental treatment plan that will outline the exact treatments steps that will help you achieve a healthier set of teeth in a short dental Vacation to Bangkok.

To learn more about our Internationally Accredited Dental Hospital offering the best dentists in Bangkok, please contact us today.

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  1. 2017/06/04
    Hi im just inquiring for my mother she is currently at thialand and here dental surgery plans with another dentist have fallen through so we are in need of someone to do her dental work asap as she leaves for aus in 15 days. She needs full jaw dental implants she has severe bone loss on upper jaw and normal bone on lower jaw she does not want dentures it must be implants. Reply
  2. 2016/09/13
    Will be in BKK between 15th - 18th Sep'16. Need General cleaning. Please advise available appointment slot. Reply
    • 2016/09/16
      Hello Mr Liu. Im terribly sorry but we are booked until September 25th. For future dental trips to Bangkok, Please let us know at least 1 month in advance. Thank you. Reply
  3. 2016/07/22
    Hi, I would like to come to get fixed 3 implants and two wholes. I will be getting exrays and would like to have all the work completed in one visit to Thailand. Reply
  4. 2016/03/18
    looking for a good dentist in Thailand. I have a wisdom tooth that is growing in at an angle so it got a wee rotten. for the last couple of weeks, the pain went from mild to horrible. Is this something you can fix for me? i can come as early as next month. Reply
  5. 2015/11/15
    Can you please name some good hotels near your dental hospital in Bangkok? My husband and I are planning on coming to your clinic during our next vacation and we prefer staying near to the facilities so, please help us....thanks! Reply
  6. 2014/12/08
    Hello. We are coming to bangkok for dental treatments in june.. our banks charge alot to withdraw money there so we are thinking of travelers checks. Do you accept them? what about credit cards? Reply
  7. 2014/04/15
    I saw your company on Trip Advisor. I live in Australia and was quoted $32000 AUD for having dental implants. I dont understand why its so expensive but im willing to go to Bangkok instead. I understand that this may take 2-5 months “healing time” but im really concerned about is making multiple trips. Can you guys fix my teeth in 1 visit? Reply

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