Quality Dental Inlays and Onlays | Price Comparison

Quality Dental Inlays and Onlays | Price Comparison

What is the Difference Between Inlays and Onlays?

Dental inlays and onlays are a conservative approach and middle ground or temporary solution for teeth with mild to moderate amount of dental decay.  They can act as a combination of filler and crown for small to medium size decayed teeth that cannot be treated using traditional composite fillings but are not large enough to necessitate a full dental crown.

Types of Inlays & Onlays We offer in Thailand

Back in the day, most dental fillings in restorations were made from metallic composite fillings such as gold and silver. As fillings became more mainstream, dental aesthetics has changed and natural looks became more popular. Now our modern dental resins and porcelain materials along with expenses for gold have pushed the precious metal off the spotlight. Aesthetic norms and the rush to change possibly hazardous dental bridges,vaneers and metal fillings from the 1980’s and 1990’s have also played a large role in the pursuit of a more appealing and natural look with modern inlays and onlays that are available today at the Thai International Dental Center.

Preparation for Inlay (Video)

The Difference

The primary difference between an inlay and an onlay lies on the scope or area that it aims to restore. When there is no cusp involvement (a tooth projected feature) and only the space between them needs to be restored, then an inlay may be the best option. On the other hand, onlays become necessary in cases wherein cusps have already been involved.



The modern dental restorations we offer in Bangkok and Phuket can last indefinitely as long as proper dental hygiene is practices and as long as they are not subjected to excessive wear and tear by abnormal chewing, and lack of compliance for teeth cleaning. In most normal circumstances Inlays and onlays longevity is mainly dictated by the type of material that was used, the condition of the remaining tooth structure, and how the patient manages to maintain it.

The Role of Proper Oral Hygiene

Good Oral hygiene plays a critical factor in the success of any gum care program,laser teeth whitening and tooth color restoration. Just because a tooth has been restored doesn’t mean your troubles end there. Apart from proper oral hygiene practices, it is also imperative that you protect your masticatory function so as not to put the restoration at a certain level of compromise. Regular dental visits with your dentists back home are more recommended periodically to check on the condition of your teeth and dental restoration, as well as the underlying tooth structure to make sure gum grafting surgery is not required.

The Procedure

Unlike normal restorations that may be done in one sitting, inlays and onlays might require two or even three appointments dates to allow our laboratory the time to manufacture your customs moulds. Our Bangkok dental lab requires a very precise mold for a perfect fit. Our goal is to get the best results possible so you never have to think about the integrity of your bite ever again.

Before final installation of the fillings begin All damaged areas are drilled shaped and cleaned around the remaining tooth structure in such a way that it resembles a sort of receptacle for the inlay/onlay to stick upon and retain itself. An impression will be taken, which shall be sent to the laboratory for fabrication of the restorative material of your choice.

The entire treatment takes 4-7 nights in Bangkok to complete. After the molds are complete, the restoration and permanent cementation begins. To get the optimal fit our dentists may need to do minor adjustments. After everything looks good, final installation is completed and the area is re-polished for a 100% natural look.

Before and After Picture


Prices for high quality inlays or onlays in Thailand will depend on the total number of teeth being treated. To get fixed discounted prices our dentists in Bangkok and Phuket will need to understand your needs via a virtual dental consultation. There is no charge for the online consultation. If  you feel that your teeth may have mild to moderate decay then consider coming to Thailand for high quality onlays or inlays. Our team of dentists and certified nurses are always ready to assist you with the entire smile makeover vacation. To learn how to restore your teeth in Thailand please contact us today.

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  1. 2015/01/05
    Many of my close buddies just had several silver fillings, and honestly they look ugly. Do you offer white color inlays or onlays? I have a large molar with a big cavity and prefer a natural look and not something cheezy like silver. Reply

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