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Have missing or broken teeth? Try Enjoying your favorite foods with missing teeth, especially if you have a tooth that is badly cracked or even broken. Most dentists around the world will recommend an immediate extraction for a badly damaged tooth in order to save a dental crown or cap. If the cracked or broken tooth is not replaced, then you could risk partially losing the bone in your jaws.


Having Dental treatments or oral surgery could be your best option if you are looking for natural teeth functionality at an affordable cost. Other alternatives to having artificial tooth implants include non-fixed prosthesis such as dentures and/or bridges. In stark contrast to having partial dentures, full dentures or dental bridges, your new teeth will becomes a permanent part of your jaw. Our dental surgeons in Bangkok and Phuket are all board certified by the Thailand dental council.  Our implant specialists will fuse the bone with the artificial post via a advanced process called “osseo-integration”. The great benefit of having Thai dental implants is achieving a 100% natural looking replacement at implant prices that are often 40-75% less expensive than similar treatments in the US, Australia,UK and Singapore without all the drawbacks of having to settle for just traditional dentures that often result in slippage, pain or the dreaded look of having fake-teeth. We are Improving the world, one smile at a time!
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