Affordable and Durable Porcelain Crowns for Less and Durable Porcelain Crowns for Less

Affordable Dental Crowns in Thailand

A dental crown is basically a type of cap/cover that is placed atop your real teeth. Crowns are made with a wide variety of materials such as porcelain or metal or a combination of both. High quality custom made dental crowns are available today and can be easily be fitted during a short holiday to Thailand. If you are suffering through decayed,damaged or broken teeth or you are just looking to restore your natural smile, having dental crowns with the dental center of Thailand is an inexpensive solution to restore your smile permanently.

Single Tooth Missing Option – VIDEO

porcelain-crowns-ceramic-bangkok-reviews-before-after-picturesHaving your dental treatments in Thailand is highly recommended for people looking to restore their smile or correct any smile/tooth imperfections that occurred naturally over time or un-naturally deteriorated due to damaged or broken fillings. Crowns are also usually needed for some dental bridge repairs as they are affixed to the neighboring teeth to help them become strong enough to support a new dental bridge. The materials and techniques we use in Thailand, allow you an affordable and natural looking dental crowns vs bonding. No more black lines or bulky feel near the gum lines our cosmetic dental specialists are able to deliver the best results on the market for as much as 45% less than the price you would pay back home. That’s enough to pay for your dental treatment,flights and hotels + vacation to Amazing Thailand.

Our dental crowns are all 100% hand-crafted in our dental laboratory in Bangkok. The dental labs are able to create very high quality crowns by layering the composite upon itself to give your crowns a slightly translucent appearance much like your natural teeth. This technique is currently only available in Bangkok. To fit the new crowns on your teeth, our approved Thai Crown Dentists will have to drilled down your existing tooth into the shape of a small peg onto which your new dental crowns in Thailand will be fixed to permanently. It can take a few days for our dental labs in Phuket and Bangkok to prepare the new crown, so please prepare to stay in Thailand for a minimum of 3-5 nights.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

Our dentists in Bangkok or Phuket normally require just over two trips total for measurements and placement of dental crowns and bridges. The first visit is for taking impressions/molds of your mouth and to fit a temporary crown while the permanent crown is manufactured. During your second appointment, our dentists will permanently bond the newly created porcelain crowns firmly into place, ensuring a proper fit. Crowns are a virtually pain-free dental treatment and does not require even a local anesthetic. but, if you prefer some type of anesthesia then please just let us know so we can accommodate your request.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Are you wondering about dental crowns vs veneers? Porcelain crowns are very sturdy and can last over 5 years or more, but that really depends on the patients oral hygiene, dental care practices. To prevent premature decaying it is important for you to take care of your crowns and teeth by brushing regularly. Flossing between teeth or inter-dental brushes are also highly recommended.

Prices for Dental Crowns


Dental crowns cost significantly less in Thailand than most countries around the world. The actual prices for crowns in Bangkok will depend on a few factors such as the type of material used needed along with the amount of teeth/crowns needed. To get actual prices for crowns and qualify for multiple-tooth discounts our crown specialists will need to understand your current needs via a recent dental exam in your home country or our short dental questionnaire along with any helpful pictures/xrays or Dental CT scans. To give you some idea of what average prices for crowns in Bangkok are:

Estimated Prices **Bangkok Only In Thai Baht ( ฿ )
Regular Alloy Crowns & Bridge 6,000 ฿ ~ $190 Dollars
> 2% Gold – Semi-Precious Alloy Crown Please Call for Latest ฿
> 50% Gold – Semi-Precious Alloy Crowns Please Call for Latest ฿
> 85% Gold – Highly-Precious Alloy Crowns Please Call for Latest ฿
Crown on Existing Dental Implant Without Abutment Please Call for Latest ฿
Crown on Existing Dental Implant With Abutment Please Call for Latest ฿
All Ceramic Crowns (IPS,E-Max,impress,Procera,Cercon,Lava,InCeram) Please Call for Latest ฿
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Before and After Pictures

dental-crowns-alloy-ceramic-porcelain-bangkok-reviews-before-after-pictures dental-crowns-thailand-vaneers-before-after dental-crowns-thailand-before-after-pictures

Please note the prices for Crowns in Phuket are generally 22%-35% higher than in Bangkok. No-Hassle dental vacation packages available. Our exclusive packages will include your entire dental needs and include a boutique 3 or 4 star hotel near our treatment center with round-trip transportation for you and a guest. We also offer discounted flights to Bangkok and Phuket. To learn more having dental crowns,bridges,fillings at the dental center of Thailand or to check specific dates and options based on your exact needs please contact us today.

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  1. 2020/02/11
    Hello, I need either an implant to replace tooth #10 OR a resin bonded bridge from 9-11 replacing #10. I also need crowns on #s 2, 15, 18 and 19 and either an implant to replace #30 or a fixed bridge from 31-29 to replace #30. Do you offer IV sedation? Or conscious sedation? I have been a dental hygienist here in the US for 30 years, but do not have the money to pay for dental work here! It's crazy expensive! Can you please give me an estimation of the cost of all of the proceedures I've listed above? I have a very good friend that lives in Thailand and I would love to visit with her while I get my dental work done. Of course, I'm a bit concerned about the dentist's qualifications. Can you give me information about that as well? Where did he/she attend university? What additional implant training did they receive? Thank you for your consideration. Pamela Reply
  2. 2016/03/10
    How much will it cost cost to have procelain on molars. Is there express service. Reply
  3. 2016/02/10
    Hi there I'm from South Africa and in the process of bringing my fam over to Thailand to try make a better life for us. But I can feel I wil be needing some dental work done. Would u recommend to wait until I'm there by u or get it done here in SA. Reply
  4. 2016/02/09
    Price? > 85% Gold – Highly-Precious Alloy Crowns Please Call for Latest ฿ All Ceramic Crowns (IPS,E-Max,impress,Procera,Cercon,Lava,InCeram) Please Call for Latest ฿ and for veneers (6) front teeth Reply
  5. 2015/10/17
    Can you please give me a price for 1) implant with crown.2) veneers 3)crown onto tooth Reply
    • 2015/11/17
      Hi Mr Rout Thank you for contacting the dental center of Thailand We have sent you an email with more information. Reply
  6. 2015/07/30
    Hello, Can you please tell me how much Porcelain crowns are for each tooth, my teeth are solid and i would just like them to look better so either crowns or veneers i guess. thank you Reply
  7. 2014/12/07
    I need crowns for my 3 front teeth because I recently chipped them in a motorcycle accident. Will crowns help me? How much do dental crowns cost in Thailand? I am very excited about visiting Bangkok and would like to schedule appointment as soon as possible. Please contact me Thanks. Reply
  8. 2014/04/19
    I had my teeth done in Prague 3 years ago and now they have turned yellow. Can dental crowns be whitened by your dentists ? is there maybe a product you sell that do this ? or do i have to replace them completely with new ones? i can send you pictures and my last xray. Reply

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