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Effective Treatment for Gum Disease and Gingivitis

https://dentalimplantsthailand.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/gum-disease-peridontal-disease-gingivitis-before-after-treatment-bangkok-thailand.jpghttps://dentalimplantsthailand.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/gum-disease-peridontal-disease-gingivitis-before-after-treatment-bangkok-thailand.jpgEffective Treatment for Gum Disease and Gingivitis

Gum Disease & Gingivitis

The minute you notice blood on your toothbrush or spit and feel that your gums are quite sore, these are very clear-cut indications of gingivitis. Although it’s not as serious as it may sound, it could also denote a more serious underlying medical illnesses that needs to be treated, so it is important to get a second opinion from The Dental center of Thailand to you see unhealthy signs such as extreme bad breath (halitosis),Presence of subgingival plaque,Inflammation of the gums and/or Reddened gums.

Consequences of Poor Dental Hygiene

Gingivitis is one of the mildest gum diseases that you could have; however, if left untreated, it could lead to the a much more serious dental diseases such as Membranous pharyngitis,Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis,Edematous interdental papillae,Erythema and gingival hyperplasia.


Causes of Periodontal Gum Disease

Bacteria from Lack of Brushing

A simple case of forgetting to brush your teeth may not totally lead you into the disease, but a constant habit of forgetfulness will definitely take you there. Gingivitis starts when food debris remains in between the teeth and gums. These particles lead into plaque formation that hardens beyond 72 hours. Bacteria thrive as plaque forms, which is also responsible for causing tooth decay. As it hardens into what is known as tartar, it slowly pushes deep into the gingival crevices (spaces between the tooth surface and the gums), thus causing irritation and the eventual inflammation.

Improper Brushing

Just because you follow the proverbial three-times-a-day rule in brushing doesn’t mean you’re spared of gingivitis. Improper brushing happens when you’re in such a haste it seems that the required two minutes is too much for you. There’s a tendency to leave out on hard-to-reach spaces. So even if you regularly brush, if it doesn’t reach deep into those spaces, plaque will still remain and lead to tartar formation.

Other Underlying Medical Issues

As noted above, bleeding can be indicative of other diseases, most common of which is Type 2 diabetes. If this is the case, the underlying medical condition has to be treated accordingly in order to prevent the worsening of gingivitis.


There’s just no visible benefit to this habit in terms of health, and the extent by which it can cause oral diseases is just fairly imaginable. Your gums may seem like your shields to the toxic substances that you puff in and out, but they are poor shock absorbers. The chemical makeup of tobacco is potent enough to make the gums weak and susceptible to gingivitis.

Poor Nutrition

Lacking essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals also affect the condition of your gums, just as the rest of your body. Keep yourself hydrated and eat food rich in vitamins that are essential for tissue growth and maintenance. Scurvy, for instance, is a condition that could lead to gum disease and this is only due to the lack of Vitamin C.

Treatment for Gingivitis in Thailand

The treatment for gingivitis is fairly simple and palliative. Our dentists focus on addressing the root causes of the issue.To better understand your needs our dentists in Bangkok and our Phuket dentists will need to understand your root issue via a short dental inquiry form or a recent dental gingivitis-treatment-bangkokreport from your home. If you do not have a recent dental checkup, one will be required before our dentists are able to make an accurate determination about the root issue and subsequent fix for your condition.

Prevention is always preferred  to crowns,vaneers, bridges,inlays and onlays so please brush and floss teeth properly two to three times a day and make sure to take the effort to reach the deep recesses where plaque deposits may settle. Change brushes every three months or once the bristles are worn as it won’t clean your teeth very well. Use a mild, antimicrobial solution for gargling as added protection. Eat healthy food and pack it in with nutritious treats.

You don’t need to totally keep away from sugar, carbs, or junk food and feel deprived. Eat, for as long as it satisfies you, but brush and floss. What you need to keep away from is the debris that is left.


And if you do smoke, there’s no other way to go about this but quit. Not only will you do your gums a favor – you’re giving your own physical well-being its much-deserved credit. And don’t forget to pay your dentist a visit at least twice a year to make sure your mouth is in good health. A regular dental checkup with digital xrays are the best way to get a clear understanding of your oral health.

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