Zoom2 Laser Teeth Whitening Instant Results Affordable Price

Zoom2 Laser Teeth Whitening Instant Results Affordable Price

You can only hold a smile for so long, after that it’s just teeth. – Chuck Palahniuk

Every person wants to have a big beautiful smile; this is why the market for cosmetic dentistry in Thailand is booming like never before. There are a lot of new procedures and products that can help people get that perfect smile in as little as 1 hour in Bangkok. Sometime the teeth will need to be realigned/repaired with crown and bridges before they are brightened, but if serious dental work is not needed, laser tooth whitening in Thailand can be a great solution to a brighter smile in just 1 day. Who wouldn’t want a set of pearly whites and a gorgeous smile in a short holiday?

 Instant Teeth Whitening using Lasers

One of the major problems that men and women have is stained teeth. There are many reasons why this happens but in some cases, it’s not even the person’s fault. Tooth stains commonly occur because the food, drinks or smokes that the person consumes. Coffee also makes a big difference, regular consumption of coffee, tea or even red wine can easily stain your front teeth. Nicotine is the other big culprit of stained teeth. A smokers will nearly 100% of the time have have obvious teeth discoloration than non-smokers.

Luckily, there are so many different ways our dentists in Bangkok and Phuket to whiten the teeth. The cheapest one and possibly the most used by people is the whitening from special whitening toothpastes. Whitening toothpaste contains anti-staining agents and it only costs a few dollars more than a regular toothpaste. Another DIY option are home teeth bleaching kits. The Do It Yourself method involves bleaching trays filled with a mixture of gel and hydrogen peroxide that can be worn over the teeth for an hour a day up to two weeks. Both of these techniques work reasonably for very minor staining but if you have deep stains the results will not be that impressive.

Laser teeth whitening in Bangkok is one of the easiest and most effective cosmetic dental procedure available today.This process is also currently the fastest solution allowing people to have big beautiful smiles in less than 1 hour.


How To Get Pearly Whites?

When it’s time to begin, our cosmetic dentist will use a rubber guard to keep the mouth open during the whole process. The Thai dentist will also carefully protect your gums from the reaction from the whitening agent by applying a barrier.

The next step in the laser teeth whitening is a deep cleaning of your mouth to remove any debris and particles that will block the lasers from functioning properly. Then, one of our internationally trained and english speaking dentists in Thailand will use a special whitening gel solution then helps the lasers speed up the chemical reaction process to effectively whiten the teeth in a much shorter time. As the gel begins to harden, A pen-style laser or Zoom2 Laser will be used on the gel surface. This step is what actually lifts the stubborn stains from your teeth.

Zoom 2 Laser and Cooltouch Whitening Lasers

The Zoom 2 Laser is the most advanced dental whitening laser in the world. We currently offer Genuine Zoom2 teeth lasers in Bangkok only.

The Zoom 2 process shows immediate results but please note that the changes are limited to how good/bad you take care of your teeth after whitening laser.

Dental Aftercare

During the first few days after the treatment, your teeth will be slightly more sensitive than normal. There are different topical medications that our dentists can prescribe to reduce any additional sensitivity but otherwise, your mouth should feel ‘normal’ in just a few days. Please keep in mind that the teeth can still be stained by food, drinks and cigarettes. The laser whitening can last from 6 months to a few years, depending on the amount of oral care a person does.

Prices for Laser Tooth Whiting in Thailand

The cost of coolwhite laser tooth whitening in Bangkok starts at only $190 dollars and includes a full mouth deep-cleaning. We can also provide dental X-rays for you to take home for an additional $18 Dollars. The Dental Center of Thailand can provide you with a very accurate price with multi-person discounts upon special request. Other popular dental treatments we offer include:

Before and After 1hr Laser Whitening



To learn more about cosmetic dental care in Bangkok or Phuket or to set up an appointment for laser tooth whitening in Thailand please contact us today.

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  1. 2017/12/26
    Hi i want to make an appoinment, as im going bangkok on january. May i know how much you charge for zoom2 laser whitening? I want my teeth to be very white Reply
  2. 2015/01/02
    Ive just booked my dental holiday for March. We are going to Samui first then Phuket finally Bangkok for my teeth whitening and veneers. Just wondering will 6 days be enough time? You mentioned 7 but i have to get back to work. Will that be an issue? Please let me know. Reply
  3. 2014/04/09
    i am coming to Bangkok for 2 weeks in June. I want to get a checkup,whitening and maybe 3 crowns. I am travelling with 2 girlfriends also. Is there a better price for 3 of us? Reply

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