All on 4 Dental Prosthesis – Fixed Implants in a Short Holiday

All on 4 Dental Prosthesis – Fixed Implants in a Short Holiday

As we start living longer and more productive active lives, even losing the form and function of one tooth too early can become a health issue and very upsetting. Dental loss is a serious matter, when multiple teeth are lost, your jaw bone begins to shrink “atrophy” due mainly to the lost function or physiological stress. If you have lost a few teeth, why not come to Thailand for our inexpensive All-on-4 dental implants in Bangkok Thailand. Our pre-approved implant specialists offer revolutionary simple and effective methods to create permanently fixed yet natural looking set of beautiful white teeth in a short holiday!

Having All on 4 Dental Implants in Thailand

Generally, surgically placing titanium implants in the jaw provides a quick and minimally invasive solution for replacing your teeth. The titanium implants also help stabilize the bone volume needed to keep the overall jaw healthy. For our international clients who maybe lack enough bone mass, we offer the best alternative that is changing lives daily,the All-on-4 implants. By placing only four implants and then tilting the posterior 2 teeth to allow clients with very little even no bone mass.


Clients who already know that they lack sufficient bone mass may feel slightly discouraged from dental implants or told by their home dentists that they need painful and costly gum grafting or bone grafting before they can place dental implants. All on four and mini intra-lock implants do not require any painful bone grafting and can help anchor a full set of upper and/or lower teeth with or without porcelain veneers in just a few days.

all-on-four-dental-implants-bangkok-thailand all-on-four-dental-implants-thailand

Return Home With Beautiful New Teeth

Get All-on-four implants without any hassles or delays that are so common with conventional implantologists abroad. By making use for custom angulated dental implants our Accredited team of Thai Dentists are able to create and install new implanted teeth to look and perform exactly like natural teeth in as little as 3 to 5 nights in Bangkok. We use only genuine implants from companies such as Nobel Biocare who pioneered the use of Immediate load dental implants. Get results fast by getting Zygomatic Implants, All-on-6 Implants and even All-on-8 dental implants for 35%-65% less only at the Dental center of Thailand.

Advantages of Having All-on-4 implants in Bangkok


  • Does not require costly and painful Bone Grafting
  • Genuine Nobel Procera CAD/CAM technology imported to Thailand (Documentation/Certificated Provided)
  • Eliminates any need for bone grafting surgery
  • Affordable Luxury! All-on-4 with Smile Makeovers at Thailand dental center costs nearly 60% less than the exact same treatments in your home country.
  • Short Dental Vacation
  • Instant Functionality and Looks
  • Complex Cases and Results Accepted
  • Virtually no pain with All-on-4
  • Very High success Rates Compared to bone transplants and Grafting



  • Limited in Scope with only 8 or 14 teeth Max.More than 14 teeth requires multiple implants or all-on-6 and all-on-8 implants
  • Reduced success rate in patients who have a history of periodontal disease or smoke.

Before After Pictures

all-on-four-implants-thailand-before-after-pictures-prices all-on-4-implants-bangkok-thailand-xray-before-after

Prices for All-on-4 Implants

The dental Center of Thailand strives to provide you with the best all on four specialists in Thailand for the prices. In-lieu of a face to face consultation our dentists request some basic medical/dental history along with any relevant information such as a copy of your recent dental exam (X-ray or Dental CT Scans are the most accurate). Once our dentists in Bangkok or Phuket understand your exact needs we can provide you with no-hassle fixed pricing along with optional hotel packages to help you achieve the best results in just a few nights.


To get prices and multi-area discounts for for All-on-4 implants discounts offered for multiple treatments such as bridges, inlays & onlaysDentist Prices in Phuket are generally 25-30% higher than Bangkok. To see if you qualify for treatment and additional discounts or to speak to a dental specialists about more about your planned laser teeth whitening & cosmetic dental holidays please contact us. We know Thailand!

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  1. 2020/05/18
    How much does it cost to have all 20 teeth pulled and all on four dentures or 8 mini implants with dentures upper and lower ? Need to have done in next three weeks. Reply
  2. 2017/07/22
    Can i have a rough estimate for on all fours upper and lower based on fours implants per jaw holding 8-14 teeth i have a full set of dentures Reply
  3. 2017/05/18
    hi im susan , I have only 11 teeth remaining ,so need them removed,, and would like the all on 4 or all on 6 denture implants . so cost please ,, and do u do a package deal ie accommodation etc. if so cost all up ,,thanx susan Reply
  4. 2017/04/19
    Hi, I am from Singapore, I have emailed to you a recent x-ray of my teeth. Please provide an estimate for "ALL-on-4" upper jaw. Reply
  5. 2016/08/21
    Hi we would like more information on the all of 4 for my husband please What information do you require ? And cost please ? Reply
  6. 2016/08/11
    hello i am interested in having the all on 4 procedure done, i have gotten a price here in NY for this procedure but it seems quite expensive. i would have to have teeth extracted during sedation then have the implants to support the all on 4 with a temporary set of dentures til the gums have healed then 6 months later to have permanent dentures put in. can you give me an approximate price to have this work done complete all inclusive. thank you Jimmy Leo Reply
  7. 2016/07/18
    Please give me a price in US dollars how much both upper and lower all on 4 dental implants would cost. Reply
    • 2020/02/05
      Please give me a price in US dollars how much both upper and lower all on 4 dental implants would cost. Reply
  8. 2016/02/07
    Hello Me and my husband would like to come to Bangkok for dental implants. My husband might be better off with All on 4 but you can review his xrays to give us some suggestions. Please let me know how we can send you copies of our recent checkup and xrays. God bless, Sally Reply
    • 2016/02/17
      Hi Sally Mae, We have emailed you more information about our All on Four dental implant packages along with instructions on how to submit your Xrays for review. Thanks Reply
  9. 2016/01/15
    hi, please quote full price for all on 4 dental implants for me, thanks Reply
  10. 2015/12/16
    i would like approximate price for 10 top teeth on 4 posts please ? Some general information about the procedure also if possible ( how long the whole process will take from beginning to end ) I also only need 4 teeth removed as I already have a partial denture Thank you Ms Glene Reply
  11. 2015/01/03
    Over the past few years i have been recovering from a that caused me to lose several teeth. I am planning on coming to Bangkok for dental Implants and possibly a facelift. Since i lost my teeth my cheeks looks very 'sunken' giving an appearance of an underbite which i normally dont face. Curious, will something like all on 4 dental Implants help fix this issue for me? Thank you. Reply
  12. 2014/12/11
    I lose 7 of my top teeth and i want to get all on 4 or all on 8 like implants. My stay in Bangkok is about 2 weeks. Is this possible if ? Can you help me with a consultation day? Reply
  13. 2014/04/02
    is Having treatment there safe? do you know if there is there pain involved? I really want to go to Thailand this summer to get my teeth fixed. The prices here are horrible and the dentists just don't seem to care. Please contact me. Reply
  14. 2013/04/05
    About one year ago I got the so called maxillary provisional prosthesis in Europe, so the jaw is now sufficiently shrunk for subsequent therapy. Could you please also provide me with information about travel to Thailand and stay (length and cost). I am a citizen of the Netherlands so the additional information as also very important. Thanking you in advance and looking forward to hear from you, Ron vanden Berg Reply
  15. 2013/03/31
    What is the price for all on 4 dental implants in Pattaya? Reply
    • 2017/07/06
      My front Bridge has fallen down many times because the right Root was fractured and another Root is going. I want to replace the Bridge but the dentists I saw in Uk said it cannot be done without the root to support the Bridge. Therefore Pls quote me the approx price to do Denture with 3 implants or 4 in 1. How long does it take? I am in Bangkok from the 8/1/18 to the 15/1/18 on a holiday. Pls reply to my email. Reply

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