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Are you looking to find a Reputable Dentist in Phuket?

Then look no further!  Phuket is already one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. But apart from amazing beaches and being a famous tourist spot, the Island is also home to some of the best medical and dental facilities. Plastic surgery in Phuket along with dental makeovers are some of the most popular activities for the millions of men and women who visit Phuket each year . If you looking for some quality dental work for an affordable price then consider having a dental vacation. There are hundreds of reasons to come to Thailand for holidays but the main reason people choose to have medical and dental treatments in Phuket is that the same exact treatments are often 2X the price back home for the exact same materials and quality of professional dentist. We understand that some dental treatments can be quite expensive in your home country so we are happy to find you a better solutions. Dental Implant center of Thailand primary objective is to find you the most reputable dentists in Phuket.phuket-dentists-karon-beach-prices-discounts

To get the best dental services from the very best dentists its important to prepare in advance of your arrival. The very first thing that you have to consider is which treatments to choose. With over 120 different dental treatments in Phuket sometimes there just maybe too many choices presented to you, it is just too difficult to select the best option especially if you do not have that much information. We recommend having a dental checkup with your primary dentists back home. Find out exactly what treatments are recommended from your primary dentists as this will help you compare “apples to apples.” Once you have an idea what you need you can contact us so we can help match you with the most qualified dentist in Phuket for the best price GUARANTEED!

What about Personal Recommendations?

The best way for you to find a quality dentist in Phuket is to ask  your friends or family. Personal recommendations are by far the best source to find out the truth without any marketing hypes. Ask your friends or family if they have tried any dental clinic in Phuket . This may be a long shot but you will be surprised to hear how many people actually come here for medical and Dental treatments. If your lucky, someone you know can and will provide you with the necessary information regarding a particular dental clinic in Phuket Island. In that way, you can easily filter your options based on actual experience.


But what if none of your friends have ever visited Phuket? In that case, you need to find other ways in order to learn and research qualified dentists in Phuket. There are many ways for you to know if a dental facility can offer you the kind of services or treatments that you need, and none better than the DITA official website. Thanks to the power of the internet we are able to compile reviews, get the latest prices and provide access to the best packages and unpublished rates on the internet. Our clients have exclusive price guarantees for nearly all dental services and dental packages that are offered in Phuket. Through a simple dental inquiry you can have a virtual consultation from one of the most qualified DDS dentists in Phuket. Once the dentists have reviewed your request, we can provide you with actual fixed prices for your dental treatment along with available dates for consultation,multi-area discounts and hotel + transportation packages. We also provide you with the CV of the actual dentists along with before and after pictures so you learn more about the facility and the different dental services that you can have in your short dental vacation to Phuket Thailand.

Dental Services Available in Phuket

Every dental facility in Phuket specializes in different dental services.  If however you are experiencing major dental problems, you may need to find a dental clinic in your home where timing will not be an issue as it is with dental vacations. For instance, if you intend to have dental Implants then you should try


to find a dental clinic that specializes in dental implantology. With a wide array of treatments and dental procedures available in Phuket, you  just need to let us know what treatments suit your need. Some of the more  popular dental treatments in Phuket include:

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Once you have contacted us with the treatments that you are interested in, we will provide you with Fixed discounted prices for your dental treatments. If you agree with the dental treatment plan presented to you, we can then take the next step and schedule a no-obligation consultation and facilitates tour based on the dates you will be in Bangkok or Phuket. We generally recommend making the consultation appointment a day after you arrive in Phuket International Airport. This will give you some time to relax and acclimate to your new settings. The face to face consultation enables you to know in more detail about your chosen dentist. His/her educational background and experience along with the actual and current condition of your oral health.


Now, you no longer have to worry about not your fixing your teeth. There are no more excuses or putting it off. A beautiful smile can light any room and you deserve to have a beautiful smile for an affordable price in Phuket.

To learn more about dental treatments in Phuket or to find the best dentists in Phuket Island, please contact us today.

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