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The Truth about Dental Vacations to Bangkok and Phuket Thailand

The Truth about Dental Vacations to Bangkok and Phuket Thailand

Dental procedures like mini-dental implants, crowns and vaneers in Thailand have been gaining popularity over the years because they are on average, at least three times cheaper than most western nations around the world. Thailand is one of the leading international dental destinations for men and women to take a dental vacation. Dental vacations or dental tourism is when a person seeks dental care outside of their home country, while simultaneously enjoying a fun holiday.


Thailand is clearly a perfect place for a dental vacation. It is filled with incredibly beautiful islands and abundant sunshine almost all year round. There is nothing more tempting than sipping fresh coconut and fruit juice while getting a golden tan in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  The added benefit of a relaxing trip will make the 1 or 2 trips to the Thai dentist much less intimidating.

Thailand is an affordable luxury that you can’t pass up. The top dentists in Thailand have all completed specialty training in top dental schools around the world and are fully capable of performing every dental procedures possible using the same tools and equipment as your neighborhood dentists back home. Check out this recent testimonial about having a dental vacation in Thailand.


The majority of the dental tourists coming to Thailand are Australians and Japanese, however Americans,Brits,Russians,Arabs and the French all find it very convenient for them to travel to Bangkok or Phuket where there are hundreds of different medical and dental procedures to choose from. Dental vacations could also be very beneficial/cost effective for those needed multiple-treatments or emergency dental such as root canals and tooth replacement.

If you cannot afford dental work at home and are considering the possibility of traveling to Thailand then here are some important things you need to consider. First, are you’re actually saving money by doing it in Thailand? Dental Implants in Thailand can help you calculate the actual cost of your entire dental trip including:

  • Dental Procedure
  • Flights to Bangkok or Phuket
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Food and Beverages
  • Day Trips or Fun Excursions

Before and After Picture Dental Vacation to Thailand

Neil-and-Maryke-smile-makeovers in thailand


Before coming to Thailand for dental care, we can help you do your research about what possible dentists to select and what you can expect to pay with multi-area discounts. Focus on results and the quality of doctor first, price second. Choosing a reputable dental facility in Bangkok or Phuket is critical in ensuring you get the best results possible in a short dental holiday.

To learn more about us or to get more information about dental vacations to Thailand please contact us today.

Thai Dental

The Dental Centers of Thailand provide dental holidays with the Best Dentists and Surgeons in Bangkok and Phuket. Our Center offers several affordable dental treatments including:Vaneers,Crowns, Mini Dental Implants,Zygomatic Implants,Bridges and Teeth Whitening in 1 Hour. Fixed Prices With No Hidden Charges!

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  1. 2015/12/23
    Hi, i would like to know an overall price in GBP for a smile make over. My teeth are crooked and out of line, and i would like veneers. Thanks. Reply
  2. 2013/05/29
    Me and my sister are thinking about coming to Bangkok in August for some dental work. Is that a good time? Do you have any dental makeover packages? Reply

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