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  1. 2016/01/14
    How much cost for implant Reply
  2. 2015/12/08
    Hello, I am wanting to know the price for the Zoom2 in office whitening treatment? I am thinking of coming in Feb 2016. Kind Regards Reply
  3. 2015/09/27
    Hi, I'm not sure what work I require but my teeth are crooked and I have one false tooth knocked out playing sport. I'm thinking of coming to Thailand next June and wondered if you were able to have a look and let me know how you can help. I able to upload some photos if required. Thanks Nancy Reply
    • 2015/11/17
      Hi Mrs Lofts We have sent you an email with more information thanks. Reply
  4. 2015/09/10
    Hi my name rosemarie I am 74 years old I live in Williamsburg VA USA 23188 I have upper dentures since august 2015 very unkomfertable I would be interested in implant if it is possible to let me know the price and i would fly to thailand. Thank you very much rosemari stewart H i my is name is rosemarie I live in Williamsburg VA USA 23188 Reply
  5. Pingback: Attalos 2013/05/08

    I’m looking for good recommendations for the best English-speaking dentist in Bangkok. Can you please email me? I saw your story on Health News.

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