Frequently Asked Questions About Having Dental Treatments in Thailand

The Dental Center of Thailand strives to deliver the highest quality dental treatments in Bangkok or Phuket. We get dozens of questions from our patients from across the world and always seek to answer all your dental related questions as completely and thoroughly as humanly possible.

For added convenience we have compiled a recent list of the most common dentist/dental related questions. If you or a loved one has any concerns that are not addressed below, please do let us know.  Our dental team is always looking for ways to improve our service and Q&A to make it more relevant to your exact needs.


How long do most treatments last?

Dental Treatments are customized on a patient or case-specific basis. Each patient has very different needs so it would be premature to assume how long it will take for your exact needs. On a generic scale, for instance minor dental treatments such as restorative fillings, this can be done in an hour or even less, and this would depend upon the number of teeth to be restored, the depth of the cavity, and the level of accessibility. For Laser teeth whitening procedures, it takes about an hour and a half.

For treatments requiring periodic appointments such as in the case of root canal treatments (endodontic therapy) or mini-dental implants and All-on-four implants (advanced prosthetics), this may require several visits. Again, it would depend upon the complexity of your case.

How safe can you assure our treatments will be in Thailand?

This is a very subjective issue, and there is no guarantee as to how “safe” would translate to you. Perhaps it would be better to put it this way: There are good dentists and there are bad dentists. It could be their inter-relationships with patients or how they deliver the treatment. We cannot speak for all dentists in Thailand, but at the Dental Center of Thailand, what we assure patients is quality of work and treating patients with utmost care, respect, and prompt delivery of service.

Before we offer our dentists’ services, a thorough background check and pre-diagnosis will already been carried out to give our international patients an immense sense of satisfaction and security. Our Prices are fixed and we make sure that every one of our Thai dentists are highly skilled (PDF Link) and qualified in his realm of expertise. Each clinic undergoes a careful inspection to see if they do meet with our stringent international standards. We go as far as obtaining first-hand reviews from patients themselves to further encourage future patients about the benefits that they can get from their dentists.

How can we assure that our dentists’ affordability still spell out exemplary service and quality treatment?

Low prices should not mean low quality. We understand most people around the world think otherwise. While we can’t possibly change peoples perspective overnight, our minds are trained to think in terms of value for money, and the dental tourism industry should not be spared. In the same manner that you’d be seeking a well-known dentist in your home country, you should also be doing the same thing when you’re trying to obtain treatment in Thailand. It would actually be a more tedious process because we’re dealing with traveling to a foreign land, and searching for a particular practitioner is not exactly a walk in the park. Intensive research before you arrive should be mandatory to verify the truth behind the qualities of a given dentist.

Given this predicament, we’ve taken measures to simplify your search and to cater to your specific needs by providing you with highly qualified dentists who are capable of providing exemplary, timely, and satisfactory treatment.

Can we easily access treatment with your dentists? Are the clinics situated in areas where we may easily find them?

Our primary objective deals with dental tourism we leave nothing to chance. Our dentists are located in the prime business and tourism areas of Bangkok and Phuket. We choose dentists and facilities that are ideally located in populated tourist areas for your easy access to shopping and public transportation.

Is it possible to choose a Western-trained dentist?

Another requirement that our patients typically have is dealing with practitioners that have undergone training in Western universities in the hopes that they may be able to communicate better and provide better treatment. A majority of Thai dentists who cater to foreign clientele have gone through Western training and are accredited with international dental organizations such as the American Dental Association, British Dental Association, or Australian Dental Association. Our trained Thai dentists possess the same qualities as any dentist trained in Western countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

Do Thai Dental clinics practice a specialized sterilization techniques?

Sterilization is a very critical matter and is one of the foundations of a successful treatment. Maintaining a healthy and clean environment not an option and essential. There are certain standards that vary from one country to another, but in observance of hygiene, we prefer to stick with the basics that allow the best results.

Our dentists abide by the practice of wearing rubber gloves and facial masks as a protective measure. We use highly effective cleansing solutions to disinfect surfaces and instruments and rid them of all strains of bacteria and other microorganisms. Metal equipment and hand instruments undergo autoclave sterilization for highly pressurized aseptic measures known to be capable of eliminating even the most resistant strain of microorganism.

Regarding accommodations, are there specific hotels that you would recommend your patients?

As stated above, a huge chunk of our dentists are situated in densely populated and busy regions of Bangkok and Phuket. Therefore, accommodations are plentiful and really depend on what suits your standards and budget. You can always search our online database of Hotels in Thailand where we provide reviews and Links to hotel websites are integrated in a clinic’s page to make it easy for you to find a place that is just within the vicinity of the treatment facility of your choice.

Do you offer warranties?

Our selected group of dentists are known for their excellent delivery of certain procedures. The clinics do offer warranties for both the procedure and the materials necessary in carrying out your treatment plan. Rest assured that any prosthetic or restorative appliance, should you need it, is under a particular warranty that could cover your expenses in any event that a faulty restoration occurs. Also please note that we only use GENUINE prosthetics and Equipment. Please we weary of practitioners that advertise extremely low prices using knock-off equipment and sub-standard dental practices.

What if something goes wrong, What happens Then?

We strive to be the best dental facility in Thailand. In our history, there has been very minimal problems encountered by our patients seeking dental treatments. But then again, no matter how much we strive for perfection, Problems can and will happen. Shall this be the case; we have addressed this by making sure that every doctors has a warranty that covers their work for a year. This is Thai Dental centers attempt to guarantee our patients issues are resolved with a sense of urgency and with much professionalism.

What Are Your fees?

Our promise of guaranteed and satisfactory dental treatment does not entail any cost. We want to guide our international patients as they try to seek treatment overseas without the perception that we’re here to collect fees in exchange for that.

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