Sunil Phol

Sunil Phol

Dr. Sunil Phol

is a Prosthodontist (Cosmetic Dentist) who specializes in procedures such as inlays, onlays, ceramic crowns, implant crowns, bridges Sirimai

Sonthi Sirimai

Dr. Sonthi Sirimai
Doctor of Dentistry, D.D.S.,
Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
Master of sciences in dentistry (M.S.D) in prosthodontics Auttawetchakul

Song Auttawetchakul

Dr. Song Auttawetchakul
D.D.S. (Mahidol University)
Graduate Diplomate in Clinical Science (Prosthodontics) Patntirapong

Somying Patntirapong

Dr.Somying Patntirapong
Doctor of Dental Surgery, Mahidol University
Doctor of Medical Sciences (DMSC) in Oral Biology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine